Triangle de la Folie I

Triangle of Madness I

the section is its plan, the plan its façade
Contest Organizer: Public Establishment for the Development of the Defense (EPAD). Building for the Defense, succession of strata, towers, offices, is to compete. Firmly placed on the axis, the Arche de la Défense by its offset initiates the dispersion. To enter a tower is to clear a direction beyond the slab. A tower subject to the rivalry of the highest height because the highest tower is always the one we remember. Torn from its matrix, lying on its shadow, the tower dismisses any conflict. Retained at its structure like a rocket at its launching pad, it is a tower awaiting. The matrix is the circuit board of the smart building; the original imprint of its location, the place of connection and the last resulting slab.

photographer: Luca Ruspantini

situation plan

photographer: Luca Ruspantini


photographer: Luca Ruspantini

current floor

Crossing of various random branches, it comes to register in negative on a site prepared with the staging of all the existing networks. Revealer of the ambiguity of the site the tower imposes by its oblique, its inflections, its posture, bridges and halls, anamorphoses of the central core, are balanced with it and order an oblique succession of large volumes of offices that constitute the organ through the central core, the ascension allows to emerge from the weightlessness, the breakthrough relieves the unity. Metamorphosed, the section is his plan, the plan its façade.
 BET OTH Ingénierie

photographer: Luca Ruspantini


photographer: Luca Ruspantini


photographer: Luca Ruspantini

concept - perspectives

The competition winner was Jean Nouvel's proposal with the 'endless tower', 426m. The project was abandoned in 1991.

Luca Ruspantini architect, founder and manger of the SARL Avant Travaux architects


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